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  • August 2, 2007
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Eye on the Inside names the Best Residential Views in Los Angeles

With all of the for-rent and for-sale residential coming on the market today – from downtown LA to San Pedro, from Malibu to Hollywood, it helps to know that the real scoop is on all those amenities that are constantly advertised. Is the view truly incredible, or is it really a sideways peek at the sky? Is the pool really built for swimming? Can you have a pet with fur and four legs, or are you relegated to the small, colorful ones with fins?

Visit to come see our picks for the best and quirkiest of what’s new in the LA area and property photos.

Best Views in Los Angeles

What’s in a view? Whether it’s gazing at the coast, admiring downtown at night or seeing the Hollywood sign for the first time, great views can make the difference between liking where you live and loving it.

So, here are our 10 picks for the best views.

  1. The Only View in Beverly Hills – Period: blu (Beverly Hills)
  2. Best View to Laugh at People Sitting in Traffic: 1100 Wilshire (Downtown LA)
  3. Best View Of the Bikini Clad Beachgoers: 1221 Ocean (Santa Monica)
  4. Best LA Harbor View: Vue (San Pedro)
  5. Best View of L.A. Live, Lakers, Clippers and Kings: Met Lofts (Downtown LA)
  6. Best View of Downtown Long Beach: west Ocean (Long Beach)
  7. Best Malibu Sunset View: Villa Malibu (Malibu)
  8. Best View to Make You Want a Sail Boat: The Cove (Marina del Rey)
  9. Best View of Authentic Sushi: Hikari (Little Tokyo - Downtown LA)
  10. Best View of the Hollywood Sign: The Broadway Hollywood (Hollywood)

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